I live approx. 40 miles east of San Francisco in California with my husband, two large white dogs and two very different cats. 
I feel blessed to be doing what I am doing ... it fits my personality because I can go so many different directions on a daily basis. No matter the day,  I can either create a new piece of jewelry or shape a rock or work on this website, or take pictures of my pieces or learn a new skill, my day is different and fun every day. It really is THE thing that makes me get up and get back to where I left off the night before. No matter what it is I am doing, it all adds up to what you see here on this website. 
I truly hope you will enjoy the work I do and if you should order one or more pieces, I truly hope you will enjoy them for a long time. 
Yours truly, 
Sabina G.

Who is WPR Jewelry?! 


WPR Jewelry came from Wires Pliers and Rocks, which is what I mainly work with. I became a lapidary artist one year ago when I was given a lot of raw gemstones. Up until then I enjoyed working with gemstone beads and creating fun jewelry. 
I was now facing a huge question: What and how to work with these rocks. Some were small enough to process as they were, but a large part came in the size of small boulders and the task seemed impossible. 
Well, with a little research and a lot of divine assistance, I found a lapidary club in town only 10 min away. Up until that moment I never heard the word "Lapidary". When I entered the building I knew I was home. There were grinders and polishers, small and very large saws. I joined that very day and I've been in love with creating my very own cabochons and uniquely shaped rocks of all kinds ever since.
I have since purchased my own grinder/polisher and find myself constantly shaping new and exciting gemstones.